A couple months ago one of my dear friends sent me a Youtube video of the Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter collection.

After watching it, I suddenly felt incredibly stalked . . .
Granted, it has a 1970s feeling to it with all the patterns and bold colors but oh my God . . .
Have they been raiding my closet?!
One of the models even have my short, curly, and slightly frizzy hair! 
. . . This is too much . . .
Regardless of this crazy conquincidence, I'm sure as heck glad that the 1940s silhouette is slightly making a comeback!
Photos courtesy of Stylebistro

Finding your own sense of style can be incredibly difficult. In a way, it's like finding your identity and then showing it off to the rest of the world.
So here are four tips that to help you on your way to finding yourself and letting it shine!

For some girls, it's the shoes. For others, it's the handbags. But for me, it's the dresses.
Sorry, just had to put this picture of Lenka on here... The dress (and her too of course) is adorable!
Regardless of your secret closet obsession, I'm sure that you can agree with me that the names given to the several silhouettes and shapes of dresses can be plain confusing.

I wrote this for my school's newspaper's Valentine issue last year, so I figured I should share it on here since my friends liked it so much! (Plus the awesome fact that it made it on the cover page! :) )
( . . . You could also call it my first rejection and the first (and only so far) time I confessed my feelings for a guy . . . )

Admittedly, before Carrie Bradshaw came into my life, I was never fond of the whole "wearing different prints" thing.
. . . Well . . .
. . . Let's just say today I wore my new houndstooth scarf with one of my polka dotted dresses, all matching my black coat and black flats . . .

There are countless movies and other forms of media that tell us what life of high schooler should be like.
As a high schooler, especially as senior, I've come to realize how false (sometimes true) these things are.

The other day I was talking to one my friends during photography class and she said she couldn't
figure out exactly where I'd work.
So that me thinking . . .
In an ideal world, what would I wear to work?
Well, that's what this post is all about!