Lately I've been breaking the classic "Do not wear white shoes after Labor Day" rule.

Today I decided to break another rules -- navy and black do not match.

Coat: Nordstorm Rack
Scarf: Handmade by my step-grandmother!
Skirt: Target
Shoes: Payless

I am absolutely loving the comeback of Carrie and the aroma my tea gives off every morning as I stare at the leaves in my backyard and dawn slowly approaches. Oh, and Zooey? Her earthy tones and vintage vibe are always inspiring!
Lately I have been thinking on the brighter sides of things.

(Well, I do normally, but the way I've been doing it recently is almost abnormal...)
For example, to distract my friends from thinking about the college early decision deadline, I tell them to think about my dog Colonel's birthday instead. (November 4, in case you were wondering.)

Personally, instead of thinking of when my SAT scores will come out, I'm thinking about Halloween.

I am sooooo sorry guys!!! 
Me, at the beginning of Pre-Calculus. One of my friends is in the back (in blue) in case you wanted to know...

Being the senior I am, I have been devoted most of my time to school and, if not that, remaining sane.

I miss being on here but I really have not had the creativity and time to work on it. >.<

All my artsiness has been devoted to my current art classes -- advanced photography and mixed media.
One of my mixed media projects from school.

Which have been a total blast but, once I again, I miss being here.

So this is post to let you lovelies to know that I might randomly come and go, but that does not mean I am gone.

I'll officially be back on schedule probably by the end of December because by then college... Let's call it fun, though it's really not.... College fun will be done! 

Big hugs and thanks for staying with me!!!

xxx That Chic
As the crow screeches, I step down the stone steps with a quiet and quick pace.
Quickly I turn like a novel dancer and slam the old gate door behind me.
Its tune matches the crow.
With a nod and twist, I continue my walk.

One of my favorite quotes is "Friends are God's way for apologizing for your family."
Amusing perhaps, but there are some people (such as friends) that you need in
your life (besides your family of course).

So since today was senior orientation, I'm going to share my back-to-school supplies
and things I consider absolutely necessary for a gal to have (and some tips too)!
(And yes, I made a HUGE effort to make all my stuff look cute!!!)

. . . Uh oh . . .
What is Lilly doing now?

This is often my dad's thought process when he finds me doing some sort
of craft or project because 99.9% it leaves my room full of paper, glue, and scissors strewn across the floor.

About two weeks or so ago, I order two skirts (as well as a dress) from Oasap
to match with my many cream-colored blouses.
Yesterday I was finally able to make an outfit with one of them!

Sunglasses: Amazon
Blouse: Consigned
Skirt: Oasap 
Shoes: Payless/American Eagle
Today my family and I went to St. Michael's bicentennial and had a blast!
(Yes, pun intended! There were cannon shots!)
Here are some of my favorite photographs that I took today while there!