There are countless movies and other forms of media that tell us what life of high schooler should be like.
As a high schooler, especially as senior, I've come to realize how false (sometimes true) these things are.
1. You're going to have so much time in senior year that you could even be a superhero.
It's simply impossible. Yes, it might be a nice booster for your resume -- but really?! 
No. Just no. Too much college application stuff!

2. There is such thing as the "popular girls".
However, Hollywood tends to paint a pretty picture of it. In reality, a happy ending is not always the concluding scene. That would have happened to me if I had not transferred to my current school! 

3. Getting bad grades are no big deal.
I'd hate to break it to you, but no wants to be average in high school.

It looks bad, that's why.

4. You're going to have boring teachers. 
Everyone at some point in their high school career has to deal with one.

It's all part of the experience!!!

5. You'll meet the love of your life.
(My parents are an exception to this, but in general you probably won't.)

There's a whole lot of films out there that show freshman deeply in love.
All I can think of is how awkward I personally was as a freshman and how my crush from back then did not work out.
And by not work out, I mean did not work out AT ALL.

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