For some girls, it's the shoes. For others, it's the handbags. But for me, it's the dresses.
Sorry, just had to put this picture of Lenka on here... The dress (and her too of course) is adorable!
Regardless of your secret closet obsession, I'm sure that you can agree with me that the names given to the several silhouettes and shapes of dresses can be plain confusing.

Baby Doll

Like the blouse, a Baby Doll dress extends from the bust and is fairly loose from there. They have a very cute bohemian vibe to them. 
(...I wish I could pull these off, but I can't...)


Short for body conscious (though those wearing them don't appear to be), Body-Con dresses are tight all around. 
(Personally, I'm not fond of them, but that's my opinion...)


Almost a step below the Baby Doll, an Empire-Waist dress begins around the rib cage area and above the natural waist.


Like the classic skirt, an A-Line dress is in the shape of an A.


Implied slightly by it's name, a Blouson dress looks like you are wearing a blouse and a skirt. This is achieved by multiple ways -- from a sash (as you can see exemplified in the image I have provided) to simple elastic.


A trend from the 1920s coming back for the 2020s, the Drop-Waist dress is similar to the Blouson such that it appears you're wear a shirt and a skirt. However, the "skirt" begins between your waist and hips. 

Fit & Flare / Skater
As the name suggests, the top of the dress fits and then from the waist down it flares. (Picture on left.) 
Skater dresses are pretty much the same, but have much less of a flare and are usually always above the knee. (Picture on the bottom.)
These are my favorite kind of dresses -- second being shirtwaist.

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