Admittedly, before Carrie Bradshaw came into my life, I was never fond of the whole "wearing different prints" thing.
. . . Well . . .
. . . Let's just say today I wore my new houndstooth scarf with one of my polka dotted dresses, all matching my black coat and black flats . . .

So in case you needed a visual, this is practically what I was wearing today:
Do you spot a patten?
(...Ha, ha, ha...Untented pun...)

In case you don't, here's some more pictures:
In case you weren't following, don't worry -- I didn't get it the first time either.

The way these outfits match are the overall color scheme.

Take my example.
It's all black and white.

Take the second example.
There's the same blue-y color in the skirt that is in the blouse.

Take the third example.
It's all dark blues.

Another thing to notice is that the patterns are not overly busy and the patterns matched are not the same.

. . . Because if you have the same pattern in an outfit, you end up looking like this . . .
. . . Yeah, um, no . . .

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