Finding your own sense of style can be incredibly difficult. In a way, it's like finding your identity and then showing it off to the rest of the world.
So here are four tips that to help you on your way to finding yourself and letting it shine!

Don’t Be Afraid to Say “No”

Growing up, we girls are used to our mothers picking what we were going to wear. As we get older this tendency fades but still occurs. But this is not you choosing the clothes, is it? It’s your mom! Once you break away from this, as well as what mannequins suggest, independency will guide you to your style! Granted, you might be incredibly picky for a while, but once you’ve defined what you like soon your mom will be a helping hand! And those mannequins? Perhaps they’ll simply be inspiration!

Be Bold

Look… I just bought polka dot tights and a bright red scarf the other day… If you restrain yourself, then you’ll never find your style – it’s as simple as that. Sure, you should have some boundaries… For example I never, ever will buy skinny jeans but that’s because I know they don’t flatter my body type… But things like “I refuse to wear neon” are preventing you from the whole worlds of, well, clothes!

Buy the Best

No, I don’t mean only buy only from designer brands. (Who does that anyways?) I mean buy things that you know for a fact that once it’s in your closet, you would be happy with your purchase. Don’t buy things for the sake of filling up your closet. It’s better to have a smaller amount of loved items rather than a large amount of disliked items.

Broaden Your Horizons

Back in my “days of distaste”, I used to only go to malls. Yes, MALLS. Particularly places like Pac Sun and Forever 21. Perhaps the push was moving to the city, but now I don’t go to malls. Now I go online, consignment stores, and the occasional department store in Friendship Heights. Like I said previously, staying in one type of store restrains yourself. Yes, I adore ModCloth but if I only shopped there then I wouldn’t own the rest of the fabulous pieces in my closet! 

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