I wrote this for my school's newspaper's Valentine issue last year, so I figured I should share it on here since my friends liked it so much! (Plus the awesome fact that it made it on the cover page! :) )
( . . . You could also call it my first rejection and the first (and only so far) time I confessed my feelings for a guy . . . )

As the crow screeches, I step down the stone steps with a quiet and quick pace.
Quickly I turn like a novel dancer and slam the old gate door behind me.
Its tune matches the crow.
With a nod and twist, I continue my walk.

If any of you know me well enough that you know what my handwriting looks
like, then you know that it looks pretty much like your kindergarten teacher's.

. . . Okay, scratch that . . .
. . . It looks EXACTLY like it . . .

Because of, what I consider, my bland handwriting (others call it cute -- don't ask me why)
it is incredibly easy for me to copy fonts and make my own! 

So today I am sharing you my personal favorite fonts out there that
I frequently use for presentations and just plain doodles along with their download links!

This is another poem that I wrote and sent to my friend.

. . . It's odd . . .

. . . I can write better when my moods/feelings are extreme . . .

(Had a little inspiration from Sylvia Plath.)

So yesterday I was stressed and kind of cried in front of my dog, who kept on
putting his paw on my shoulder in sympathy.

After my many tears, I emailed a friend of mine (who you'll see here, commenting often) because she's like 
my medicine. Seriously. She always makes me feel better!

So anyways, my email ended up looking like a poem and after talking about it today, we both agreed that
I should post it up here.
So, without a further adieu, I give you "The Malfunctioning Machine" . . . 

I dunno why, but writing about things that have happened my life in an interesting manner is easy. Today I am writing this.

My head hurts right now and I am rather flustered. So to soothe myself to sleep, I am going to write a short story for all of you, (Idea came from a writing prompt from my friend's writing club at school.)