I am absolutely loving the comeback of Carrie and the aroma my tea gives off every morning as I stare at the leaves in my backyard and dawn slowly approaches. Oh, and Zooey? Her earthy tones and vintage vibe are always inspiring!
. . . Uh oh . . .
What is Lilly doing now?

This is often my dad's thought process when he finds me doing some sort
of craft or project because 99.9% it leaves my room full of paper, glue, and scissors strewn across the floor.

Like Lenka, I love Mindy's music and style. 
(In fact, she too has a new album -- coming out this fall)
So without further ado, this is Mindy's (also) sweet vintage-vibe style!

If you haven't heard her lovely voice through movies such as "Easy A" or advertisements 
for companies such as Target (I didn't until a year or two into being a Lenka fan), here she is!
As well as being a fantastic musician, she has a fantastic sense of style.

Today I will focus on the style side today, but the music is guaranteed to come later!

Besides being the ultimate bittersweet movie, Forrest Gump is full of inspiration - especially when it comes to the age of hippies.  However, I am only focusing on the looks that clearly resemble 1940s to the 1950s.

Believe it or not . . .
. . . But I've been buying lots of things at Target lately . . .

And I like what I've been seeing there!!!

Sometimes Hollywood gives us vintage fanatics some inspiration for style.
Granted, it is rare -- but yes, it happens.

Maybe I'm a bit of a perfectionist or maybe I'm in one of my snarky moods, but when it comes to vintage hats
I think they need to be worn correctly.
Or perhaps it has to do with what certain traits in a guy that could make me swoon . . .
(One - blue or green eyes, two - glasses, and three - an old fashioned fedora with a matching suit.)
But anyways, here's my list of fedora failures and pillbox pleasures!

This is my closet.
From the exterior, it might just look like two doors with two French posters pasted on them . . .
. . . But . . .
. . . It's really a reflection of my personality and personal style . . .

"Take chances. Make mistakes. Get messy" ... Expect here, we're applying it to style Miss!
Who didn't want a teacher like Ms. Frizzle growing up?