If you're a late 90s/early 2000s kid like myself, I'm pretty sure the two of us would have
 had a playdate consisting of watching Country Mouse, City Mouse whilst
 munching on Anne's mac and cheese.

If you haven't heard her lovely voice through movies such as "Easy A" or advertisements 
for companies such as Target (I didn't until a year or two into being a Lenka fan), here she is!
As well as being a fantastic musician, she has a fantastic sense of style.

Today I will focus on the style side today, but the music is guaranteed to come later!

. . . So yesterday I was rather bored, so I decided to create some cute composition books . . .

In case you did not already know, I 'own' my own bakery called Crunchies.
, . . And lately I've been testing out recipes . . .

Believe it or not . . .
. . . But I've been buying lots of things at Target lately . . .

And I like what I've been seeing there!!!

I've realized that whenever I am around kids or my friends I sometimes give some advice
that I think that everyone should take.
Okay, sure -- I'm only a teenager, but this is a piece of my always-growing pie of wisdom. . .

Just a minute ago I was on Wikipedia searching what style was in the 2000s and the 2010s.

Granted, Wikipedia is not always 100% correct but still . . .

The theme of the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s taking things from previous decades was very apparent.

So it made me wonder . . .

Am I growing up in decades that were desultory or are they actually defined by this 'stealing' trait?

I trust that you all know that I am a French fanatic. 
So I suppose it was only natural that I went to Georgetown's French Market for the second time!

In case you did not know, I am absolutely in love with CW's "The Carrie Diaries".
The weird thing is though, I kinda feel like Carrie Bradshaw sometimes.

My head hurts right now and I am rather flustered. So to soothe myself to sleep, I am going to write a short story for all of you, (Idea came from a writing prompt from my friend's writing club at school.)