In case you did not already know, I 'own' my own bakery called Crunchies.
, . . And lately I've been testing out recipes . . .

Pac Man? 
Count me in!
This is my kind of black and white photography.
(Loving the cat eye glasses as well!)
Maybe it's my vintage nogalista hitting me again, but I really want to find an authentic 50s diner or 80s arcade in Washington DC and just hang out there for a couple of hours.

Part of baking is having the tools to do it with.
I have been blessed by my parents, who have allowed me to have my own two drawers in the kitchen
to store such tools.
However after using them so often, my drawers have become (excuse my French) un trou de l'enfer. Or, as we English-speakers say, a hellhole.
The French make everything, even these drawers, sound better. You can just ask Merovingian in "The Matrix"!

I love to cook.
(I'm 25% Italian - it's in my blood!)
Julia Child
Bobby Flay