A couple months ago one of my dear friends sent me a Youtube video of the Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter collection.

After watching it, I suddenly felt incredibly stalked . . .
Granted, it has a 1970s feeling to it with all the patterns and bold colors but oh my God . . .
Have they been raiding my closet?!
One of the models even have my short, curly, and slightly frizzy hair! 
. . . This is too much . . .
Regardless of this crazy conquincidence, I'm sure as heck glad that the 1940s silhouette is slightly making a comeback!
Photos courtesy of Stylebistro

In case you did not know, I am absolutely in love with CW's "The Carrie Diaries".
The weird thing is though, I kinda feel like Carrie Bradshaw sometimes.

Pac Man? 
Count me in!
This is my kind of black and white photography.
(Loving the cat eye glasses as well!)
Maybe it's my vintage nogalista hitting me again, but I really want to find an authentic 50s diner or 80s arcade in Washington DC and just hang out there for a couple of hours.