A couple months ago one of my dear friends sent me a Youtube video of the Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter collection.

After watching it, I suddenly felt incredibly stalked . . .
Granted, it has a 1970s feeling to it with all the patterns and bold colors but oh my God . . .
Have they been raiding my closet?!
One of the models even have my short, curly, and slightly frizzy hair! 
. . . This is too much . . .
Regardless of this crazy conquincidence, I'm sure as heck glad that the 1940s silhouette is slightly making a comeback!
Photos courtesy of Stylebistro

Besides being the ultimate bittersweet movie, Forrest Gump is full of inspiration - especially when it comes to the age of hippies.  However, I am only focusing on the looks that clearly resemble 1940s to the 1950s.

Yesterday I wore my pillbox hat from Sur La Tete, along with my vintage black
gloves (belonged to my grandmother), my black flats, and my professional-looking blue
dress from Coldwater Creek
. . . Let's just say the elderly enjoyed my look while the middle-age construction
worked along Van-Ness looked at me as if I was the Mad Hatter. . . 

Maybe I'm a bit of a perfectionist or maybe I'm in one of my snarky moods, but when it comes to vintage hats
I think they need to be worn correctly.
Or perhaps it has to do with what certain traits in a guy that could make me swoon . . .
(One - blue or green eyes, two - glasses, and three - an old fashioned fedora with a matching suit.)
But anyways, here's my list of fedora failures and pillbox pleasures!

A few days ago I was looking through scanned photographs of my family members before they became my grandmothers, great-aunts, great-grandmothers, ect.